How to Use RedLaser to Generate QR Codes

QR codes are one of those ‘next big things’. You can make a QR code for just about everything. You can share your location, your website, and do many other things using it. And RedLaser makes it very easy to generate QR codes.

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  1. Open RedLaser and press the More button. This will take you to a few more options that RedLaser has. Select the QR Code Creator.

  2. Choose what you want to do. If you want to share a website, type in the URL and then press Generate.

    • Here is the generated QR code for sharing a URL:

  3. Use Share Your Info. This is great for creating and sharing your info on the fly (or for having it saved for reference). It can even double as a digital business card.

    Some information is 'generic' due to privacy

  4. Share some text. You can send a message, create a type of ad, or many other things with this function.

    • Check out the results here.

  5. Share Your Location. You can share your location with everyone, or just a few. You can use it to mark a location (say, a property for sale), or anything else. Here, the location has been skewed to protect privacy.

  6. Once you have created a QR code. Decide what you want to do with it. Your options are to save it in your photo album, email it, or cancel it.

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  • If you can’t find it, you are probably looking under the wrong ‘section’ (at least for iTunes). Be sure that you are looking under iPhone apps.

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